NYCHA Resident Art Show Returns

The New York City Housing Authority is once again scouting the five boroughs of New York City for original artwork to display at its famous Resident Art Show. Residents living in any of NYCHA’s 334 housing developments are invited to present their proudest pieces at the Harborview Visual Arts Center during the third week of April (details below). Art instructors and NYCHA staff then select 1,000 entries to be submitted to a jury of three art professionals, who select the art works to be shown at the exhibition. Children, adults, and seniors are all encouraged to submit entries from diverse media, from painting to sculpture to quilting to comic strips.

The Art Show offers NYCHA residents the chance to share their creative talents, and a unique opportunity to be recognized by their peers and the wider community. Furthermore, the exhibition allows citizens of New York City to visually engage with art from a variety of mediums, while simultaneously broadening their cultural understanding. In recent years the show has taken place in June at Manhattan’s Rutgers Community Center.

The show owes its past success not only to the exceptional resident artwork, but also to Harborview Arts Center’s gifted and committed artists and educators. The Harborview Visual Arts Program provides professional artists to lead workshops at NYCHA community and senior centers, as well as training for NYCHA staff to teach art skills to residents in a variety of media. Harborview also supplies NYCHA community centers with art materials, murals and banners for events, and publications such as calendars, training manuals, and brochures. In addition to the annual Resident Art Show, the organization facilitates other events during the year, such as a Summer Art Camp that incorporates museum tours.

If you’re interested in learning more about the art programs that NYCHA offers or the ways that residents are expressing themselves artistically, check out StudioNYCHA. The website is dedicated to showcasing the artistic accomplishments of NYCHA residents, and contains a wealth of information on mediums such as visual arts, performance, photography, and music. You can see photo galleries from the 2010 and 2011 NYCHA Resident Art Shows there as well.

So gather up your most magnificent and inspiring creations, and enter them in the NYCHA 22nd Annual Resident Art Show! Details on the show itself have yet to be released, but check back frequently and we will share information as it becomes available.

NYCHA Resident Art Show Poster 2012


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