Bronx River Art Center brings “For Closure” to West Farms Square


Image courtesy of Gabriela Salazar and Bronx River Art Center

West Farms Square is the temporary home of a new public art sculpture that expresses the impact America’s housing crisis is having on ordinary people. Gabriela Salazar’s For Closure stands 26 feet tall and is on view for seven months on the corner of East Tremont Avenue and Boston Road overlooking the subway station. Using locally salvaged doors donated by Build It Green NYC to construct a four-story house of cards, the artist told NY1 News that she hopes the piece “humanizes [the financial collapse] a little bit, reminds people that all these homes are actual people’s lives.” According to the press release, “The thin sheet of the door stands in as shorthand for the house, the home, and the occupant, with For Closure enacting the fallibility of our sense of safety, security, and permanence.” The sculpture is Salazar’s second in a series focusing on the housing market recession, and you can view photos of the previous installment in Providence, RI on the Gabriela Salazar website.

For Closure is part of the Bronx River Art Center Spring/Summer 2012 gallery installation, Virtual/Monumental, which connects a number of public art projects in the West Farms Neighborhood through a network of QR codes, events, and interactive tours. After cooperating with local businesses and organizations to form the West Farms Square Renewal Committee, the Art Center (BRAC) joined with the New York City Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program and identified the sculpture’s location as ideal based on its adjacency to mass transit and a commercial corridor. With a supportive local community and funding provided by Deutsche Bank Americas, For Closure arrived in the Bronx on April 9, 2012.


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