Public art by BroLab

I’m loving the work that BroLab is doing around the city! I first heard about this artist collective through the Bronx River Arts Center when they participated in the “Shifting Communities” exhibition series with their “Thrust of Sorrows” catapult, a device for hurling items of emotional weight in a figurative act of unburdening. These guys are massively creative, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the installation of their newest project.

Taking advantage of the NYC Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program that I mentioned a couple posts back, BroLab has partnered with the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning to bring a new piece of public art to Jamaica, Queens on Archer Avenue at 158th Street. Called “Humps and Bumps,” this visual representation of the mundane speed bump we’re all so familiar with will stick around for 11 months as a temporary installment which is designed to provoke a bit of thoughtful reflection from the typically harried New Yorker. According to BroLab’s website:

Humps and Bumps is a parabolic and transformative wave encouraging passersby to `slow down and take in the significance of their urban surroundings. The functional sculpture is made from wood and rubber incorporating the iconic patterns of speed bumps on the streets.

This picture from a article shows a photo of the structure being constructed:

From BroLab artists Adam Brent, Jonathan Brand, Ryan Roa and Rahul Alexander assemble the plywood base for their upcoming installation Humps and Bumps. The project will be displayed at the corner of Archer Ave. and Union Hall St. in Jamaica for a year, starting on April 26.

The Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning is hosting a reception following the unveiling ceremony scheduled for May 8, 2012. Below is the flyer I found on their website that advertises the event.jamaica-center-for-arts-and-learning-brolab-humps-and-bumps-flyer

BroLab consists of five guys working together and independently, and they’re super involved in the community art scene both as a group and individually. I really admire how relevant and contemporary their group work is, and I’m excited to find out more about the projects they’re all working on by themselves. Look for more information about them here in the future.


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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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