NYC artist Aleathia Brown

Aleathia Brown is a New York native. She has been in the NYC art scene for over 40 years!  Besides her beautiful art I decided to highlight her today because she is truly a community artist. Aleathia devotes a lot of her time to teaching art to the residents at New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings. She doesn’t just paint and sell her work to galleries and collectors but she actually gives back to her community.

Aleathia Brown’s Color N Time, acrylic on canvas

Aleathia is also the visual arts coordinator for the Harlem Arts Alliance where she gives presentations to aspiring visual artists. In addition to coordinating and producing loads of cool events she is somewhat of a rising star in the NYC arts community. She was interviewed by New York 1 for women’s history month. She did a real time demonstration of her work and had the entire audience help paint a canvass dress she made from scrap material. I searched a web for a video to share but had no luck!

The live demonstration was a way to show the art process from start to finish. So many of us look at a painting and never wonder how it started. Every artist must decide what colors to use, how much paint goes on brush, and what shapes to form.  She believes that understanding these thought processes are important to understanding the final work. That is why she encourages everyone to do a little art themselves.

Aleathia has a wonderful relationship with her NYCHA students. She believes that “Art gives you power beyond words and it is in no way corrupt. It has a pure sense of energy that gives you power to express what’s going on inside you without the negative judgment. Art is a vehicle for provoking change. People tell their culture and their experiences.”

So definitely keep an eye out for Aleathia Brown. She is beginning a show called Unveiled Unlocked that is all about the beauty code and how women without hair (either by choice or because of a medical condition) are not often called beautiful. Her show will begin this October – I’ll update when I know more!


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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