Awesome Museums for FREE

I am very excited to share this list of FREE museums you can visit in New York City! You can check out the full list here at I figured most New Yorkers had already visited the classics (Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim) so I decided to point out some of the less traditional museums.


Queens County Farm Museum – always free

You will have to bend your idea of the word “museum” but this is a fully functioning farm inside the Bronx. It is 47 acres! This farm is home to an orchard, greenhouses, an herb garden and a motley of farm animals. It is open year round and there are fun activities if the weather permits. So if you feel like playing with a goat, going for a hay ride and attending a wreath making workshop this is the place for you!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden – free on Tuesdays

This stunning botanical garden is packed full with over 50 acres of rare and beautiful plants. In fact there are more than 10,000 species from every corner of the globe. You can explore plants by habitat (desert, aquatic, tropical) or visit collections like the Fragrance Garden and the Children’s Garden. They also have a Japanese garden and a Bonsai museum.


Bonsai Tree from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (courtesy of their website)

Historic Richmond Town – free on Fridays from 1:00-5:00pm

With exhibits that outline life in the 1700s this place is sure to fascinate any history buff. Colonial America comes alive with restored homes, a general store and exhibits of all sorts. Over 30 of the buildings onsite are original historic structures. One of the coolest parts about this site (besides it being 350 years old) is the organic farm. This farm is the oldest continuously operated farm in NYC.


Richmond Town (courtesy of their website)

Let me know if you guys take the time to check out some of these awesome places!


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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  1. Showers of Roses says:

    I would love to visit these museums. Thanks for the info.

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