NYCHA’s GO Project – bringing artistic communities together

Today’s post is about a cool new project called GO. The GO project hopes to bring together residents from the city’s housing developments and the artists who work in studios and galleries in Brooklyn. Despite the many art programs sponsored by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) the residents rarely interact with local artists.

The GO project hopes to change this disconnect. Born from collaboration between the Brooklyn Museum and NYCHA, the GO project invites NYCHA residents to tour studios and galleries of nearby artists. I think we can all agree that making the arts accessible to New York City’s residents of all income levels is important. Galleries are too often devoted to showcasing pieces for purchase by the super-rich elite.

For the weekend of September 8-9th NYCHA’s teaching artists will give guided walks of the open studios. Shuttle buses will run from housing developments to the event to encourage participation.

My favorite part about this project is the exchange between artists and residents. Not only is there an opportunity for conversation but residents nominate their favorite artist for a chance to be featured at the Brooklyn Museum. Programs like this are truly a win-win because they cultivate creativity and give up-and-coming artists a rare opportunity at a prestigious museum.

In NYCHA’s own words “participants will work together to build a stronger, more vibrant community.” That is what this blog is all about, community arts!

The open studio weekend is September 8-9, 2012. For the complete details see the NYCHA website.


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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