How To Plan a Photography Exhibit

Chitfu Yu Exhibit

Chitfu Yu Exhibit

Exhibiting photography is something every professional or amateur photographer should do at some point. Like having a museum exhibit for the latest in modern art, though, setting up a successful exhibit takes significant time and forethought.

Start by creating a small team of people; don’t keep all the work for yourself—divvy it up among friends and family willing to help out. Next, figure out what your budget is. What can you afford to spend on materials for the exhibition? After you’ve determined this, lay out a schedule for completing all the necessary tasks so that you’re able to stay on track.

Besides the photography itself, the location is the most basic and vital thing. Determine where you want the exhibit to take place, taking into consideration things like size, lighting, parking, food and alcohol restrictions, time availability, display options, and overall environment.

It’s a good idea to theme your exhibit as well. This is the “face” the exhibit is putting on, and is what sets your work apart from others’. Once you’ve established what you’d like the theme to be, you can narrow down your selections to a reasonable number.

Chanel's Mobile Art Exhibit

Chanel’s Mobile Art Exhibit in New York

Your final selections should look their best, which means you’ll need to select some printing and framing choices for each piece. Consider what quality you want for your display.

Obviously, your budget is something to consider here. Some options will look just as nice, but might be more economic for you. Be sure to label your photos as well, including the title, your name, the year, and contact and pricing information.

Be sure to let people know about your exhibit: market! By this point, you should know location, date, time, theme, and title of the exhibit. Once the day arrives, enlist some help setting up. Consider having food and drinks available, taking some photos of the opening, and saying a few words. Don’t forget to thank everyone for coming!


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