Special: Apartment Safety For Hurricane Sandy

nycha elevatorsThough evacuation has been recommended by officials—and in some zones, made “mandatory”—some NYC residents, many from New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), have chosen to hold their ground and stay with their homes during Hurricane Sandy. The worst part of the storm is said to be over, but the aftermath will last much longer.

Over 8 million people had their power knocked out as of Tuesday morning. Monday, Oct. 29th saw significant flooding in New York and New Jersey. On Staten Island, the water was so high in some areas that it came all the way up to attic-level. Transit has been canceled, and flooding is predicted to continue into Tuesday afternoon.

nycha elevators

And the storm won’t completely abate until the end of the week. So what are those residents who chose to stay to do? How can they remain safe while waiting out the rest of the storm? For NYCHA, which houses some half-a-million people in the city, that’s a big concern.

Many NYCHA residents have chosen to remain in their homes for the storm.
NYCHA has released emergency preparedness guidelines for residents to follow before and during the storm. Elevators were shut down to prevent failure should the power go out (which it did). Elevator shafts can also flood and become extremely dangerous during storms.

Other precautions for NYCHA and other NYC residents to follow include keeping refrigerators to the coldest setting (helps food keep in the event of power outages), having extra fresh water on hand should water supply become contaminated or broken, staying indoors with all windows and doors securely shut and locked, closing drapes, and keeping any internal doors shut for increased structural strength.

NYCHA also advises staying away from downed electrical wires, staying tuned into radio or television broadcasts for news, and keeping flashlights and batteries on hand.


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2 Responses to Special: Apartment Safety For Hurricane Sandy

  1. Katie Glenn says:

    I’ve lived in FL for a while now and hurricanes are part of our lives but even we hurt in the aftermath. I can’t imagine how all those folks that aren’t used to this sort of thing are managing.

  2. Wesley Anne says:

    Great insight. It’s been rough on people all over the East Coast, but if we all pull together, I think we can repair what’s been destroyed and come back even stronger.

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