5 Easy DIY Gift Ideas Anyone Can Do

Christmas is less than a week away, and it’s getting down to crunch time for acquiring gifts. But gift hunting can be time consuming and expensive. Why not give homemade gifts this year? Some of the best gifts are those that were made by friends or family members especially for one person. Even if you’re not short on time or cash, consider these five Do-It-Yourself gift ideas this year:


1.    Bleach Pen Clothing: Simple but effective use of a bleach pen lets you create custom clothing designs for those you love. All you need is a bleach pen, an article of solid-colored clothing to transform, chalk, and some waxed paper. Wash and dry the clothing, then put the wax paper inside to prevent the bleach from bleeding through. Draw your design in chalk, and then give the pen a good shake and trace over it. Let it set for half an hour to two hours; when the design looks the way you want it to, wash and dry the clothing by itself. Voila! Custom clothing.
2.    Winter Tree Art: Shabby-Chic is in this year. Create an all-natural artwork by collecting small branches from outside (or purchase some at a craft store) and attaching them to a large frame with a staple gun. Thrift stores often have old frames perfect for this purpose. You can even spray paint it a silvery color to really get the winter feel.
3.    Homemade Snowglobes: Mason Jars are endless in their uses. Create a mini-scene on the lid of a snowglobe using miniature trees or figurines, glitter, and cotton (for fake snow). When you’re done, just screw the cap on.
4.    Clay/Salt Dough Ornaments: Make your own salt dough or use modeling clay to create your own ornaments or jewelry pendants. Roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to cut out whatever shapes you want, and then bake it. When it is cooled, you can paint or decorate them however you choose.
5.    Cherry Blossom Art: If you have paint, paper, and an old soda bottle, you can make this. Paint a branch on the sheet of paper in black or brown paint. Then, put a large amount of paint (in the color you want the cherry blossoms to be) onto a paper plate. Dip the bottom of the soda bottle in the paint, and then press it down firmly onto the paper where you want the flowers to be. You should end up with five petals and a dot in the center. Once you have all your flowers on, you’re all set!


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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