The New York Historical Society gives you 40,000 things to remember!

By Devon Johnson, Contributing Writer

Devon Johnson is a new contributing writer for Community Arts NYC.  Devon grew up in Brooklyn in NYCHA’s Marcy Development, and is one of our New York based writers. Check out his introductory post here.

Since my last couple posts mentioned “The Brooklyn Museum of art” and “the Daffodil project” this made me want to see what’s was going on in NYC’s Museum world so I researched several museums that I possibly would like to visit.  This list included, but was not limited to, the Bodies exhibition and Madame Tussauds. But I came to the conclusion that I wanted to talk about the New York Historical Society. Founded in 1804; this new yet old museum is New York’s oldest museum, having been built over two centuries ago, and is now a landmark. It has great historical value not only with the 40,000 objects inside but the actual building.

new york historical society2

The New York Historical Society is the only museum in the metropolitan area where you will see exhibitions that can give you an extremely valuable history lesson and great art exhibition.

new york historical society

This museum has  collections of various unique and diverse historical collections and attributes that range from revolutionary wars- even housing George Washington’s camp bed at valley forge, a wonderful collection of Tiffany lamps, and manuscripts, yes, actual manuscripts from our former, gone but not forgotten U.S. Presidents.


Besides being in another community, I love to go to places like this in hopes to see what the gift stores I mean this museum had everything from apparel jewelry to games.

Remembering 9/11: has multiple moving photographs taken on and shortly after September 11, 2001, this 18 minute theatrical media show  is well designed


You should visit If you ‘d like to see 400 years of American History all in one place, in one afternoon or evening.  My uncle who is a war vet always talks about this place and often visits this place for its unparalleled museum and library collections and keeps the memory alive by studying  New York and early U.S. history.
At the New York Historical Society, they are firm believers in remembering the past, saying “we believe that knowing where we came from helps us understand who we are now.” Undoubtedly this statement is true and heard by many people knowing that you will know that history always seems to repeat itself.
Location and times
The New-York Historical Society is located in a landmark building at 170 Central Park West between 76th and 77th Street.

Open Tuesday – Thursday and Saturday 10am-6m; Friday 10am-8pm; closed Monday.


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