Time 2 Shine Talent Showcase

This February, NYCHA residents all over New York can participate in the Hip Hop Summit Youth Council’s (HHSYC) “Time 2 Shine” talent showcase. The HHSYC is seeking gifted NYCHA residents that want to get involved in the entertainment industry. By participating in the showcase, residents will have the opportunity to compete for prizes, awards, and gifts. They will also get a chance to take part in valuable business workshops that teach skills used for entrepreneurship, business management, marketing, and more.


NYCHA residents from all five boroughs are invited to audition for the show by e-mailing an mp3 format video or song to hiphopbooks@yahoo.com by February 21st, 2013. Contest rules are available at the HHSYC website.


HHYSC was founded in 2001 by Charles Fisher, who previously managed LL Cool J and the Lost Boyz and co-discovered R. Kelly. Record companies, artists, community leaders and elected officials committed to implementing programs to help rising artists improve social, political and economic conditions in their schools, homes, and communities.


HHSYC aims to “protect the rights, interest and future of our youths and young adults while addressing a host of issues that confront them daily.” By using hip-hop as a source of communication and inspiration, youth are able to connect better with adults and find success in their academic and social lives.


Similar in concept to NYCHA’s annual talent showcase, Time 2 Shine is all about finding the best of NYCHA residents and celebrating their unique talents. As NYCHA chairman and board member John Rhea said at the opening of the 41st annual talent show, “With hard work, with commitment and with courage, our performers have honed their talents and today they share their gifts with us… We celebrate each of you and wish you success today—and every day—as you live out your dreams.”


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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