Every 2:ND Friday is One Good Reason to Walk Around Williamsburg

There’s a fantastic way to experience the best local and international art and galleries Brooklyn has to offer, and it’s happening every second Friday. Presented by the Williamsburg Gallery Association, Williamsburg Every 2:ND Friday is an art walk that guides people on a tour through the neighborhood’s many galleries and alternative art spaces on the second Friday evening of each month.

Screen shot 2556-06-18 at 12.37.14

N. 12th Street Mural, Williamsburg
Photo by panda073 via Flickr

What is an “art walk?” In this case, it’s a designated night when local galleries participate in one greater neighborhood event that encourages the public to engage in a walking tour of artistic venues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The eventaids and encourages the public presentation of local and international art in the vicinity of greater Williamsburg, Brooklyn as an integral and necessary component of an ongoing creative dialogue,” according to its mission statement. Every 2:ND Friday promotes art venues in Williamsburg through advertising and outreach events that seek to draw attention from the global arts community to all that Williamsburg’s art scene has to offer. This event encourages people to explore the rich artistic offerings of Williamsburg as a culturally and artistically diverse subsection of Brooklyn.

Every 2:ND Friday wants people to “expect the unexpected” by taking part in the arts walk that features risk-taking galleries and after hours events. During the event, participating galleries are open until 9pm and beyond, and often host special nighttime happenings like “cutting-edge exhibitions, performances and conceptual soirees.” One of the participating galleries is Yes Gallery, a space that often features new talent and up-and-coming artists. Another is Black & White, a gallery and project space that features mixed-media exhibits and installations in its large indoor and outdoor space. There are dozens of venues that participate in Every 2:ND Friday, making this monthly event one that you truly don’t want to miss.

For a full list of galleries that are taking part in Williamsburg Every 2:ND Friday, visit the event directory.


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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