The Art of Paperie is a Family Affair

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Old stationery shop sign in NYC
Image: Rupert Ganzer via Flickr

In an era where technology allows us to convey messages and communicate with each other at lighting fast speeds, it’s awfully nice to step away from our devices and slow down for a moment now and then. When was the last time you opened your mailbox and found a hand-written letter, or a finely printed invitation that was tucked inside an envelope as opposed to in a mass email?

Believe it or not, snail mail and letter writing is not obsolete. Just ask the owners of NYC’s Lion in the Sun, a paperie, or specialty stationery shop, with locations in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and yes, even on the Internet. The Staten Island location is Lion’s flagship space, where they offer anything you could possibly want in the world of stationery, paper, and customized invitations for every occasion.

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Stationery for every occasion
Image: Sarah Parrott via Flickr

Jane and Arnold Greenberg, who spent their entire savings to make the dream of owning a paperie a reality, first opened the store back in 1981. Today, the shops are owned by the Greenberg’s daughter Melinda and her husband David Morris, who insist that Lion in the Sun is “first and foremost a family business.” Melinda grew up working in her parents’ Staten Island shop, and has since expanded the business to Brooklyn, as well as a specialty ordering website for people who live outside of New York.

The Park Slope, Brooklyn location is a “complete stationery store that celebrates the art of writing, carrying hand-made journals and albums, classic Moleskine planners, designer pens, funky note cards, formal stationery sets, gorgeous papers and gift wraps, craft tools, and a discriminating collection of greeting cards,” according to Lion in the Sun.

Lion in the Sun carries everything you need to send a beautiful hand written letter, or a printed invitation. Here, stationery and writing is a celebrated art form, and with the shop thriving after more than thirty years, it seems as though it’s here to stay. For more information about Lion in the Sun, visit the shop’s official website.


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