Socialites, ‘It’ Girls, and High Fashion in the Big Apple

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New York Fashionistas
Image: Carissa A. Thrush via Flickr

New York City is indisputably one of the fashion capitals of the world. Here you can find hordes of the most sought-after designers and modeling agencies, not to mention some of the best-dressed people in fashion. The style of fashion-forward New Yorkers is unparalleled nearly anywhere else in our country; New York’s elite and their stylish sensibility rivals that of Londoners and Parisians, and places an international microscope on socialites and celebrities who constantly raise the bar for fashion.

National and international tabloids love printing stories about “it” girls – celebrities who catch the public’s eye with their luxurious lifestyles that include travel, partying, and living large. This of course includes what these socialites and celebrities are wearing. New York’s it girls (and guys) are most renowned for their classy, stylish, lifestyles, and whether you follow them or not in the headlines, they have garnered a reputation for themselves, and for New York, that is unmatched.

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Olivia Palermo
Image: 木木曉儀 via Flickr

Just take socialites Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl’s sense of style. Whenever this it couple is captured by paparazzi, they can be seen dressed at the height of fashion, raising the bar for New York style. Palermo’s chic sense of style contrasted with casual denim pieces makes her one of New York’s elite trend setters, and the pair looks fabulous on both the red carpet at events, and out for coffee.

Another one of New York’s it couples is Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo, who constantly make headlines for their influence on New York’s social and cultural scene. Lauren is a Vogue contributor, co-founder of online high fashion boutique Moda Operandi, and sought-after fashionista whose mark on the New York fashion industry is unparalleled. The couple’s sense of style is unmatched; their classy, innovative fashion sense has greatly impacted New York City’s reputation as a fashion hub.

New York will always be home to unique and cutting edge street style, but it’s the chic styling of its socialite crowd that has really given the city its reputation of being a fashion capital. Be sure to watch out for which celebrities and socialites are sitting in the front row at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City this September. Their styles are sure to rival those of the runway.

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Lauren Santo Domingo Sitting Front Row At Fashion Week
Image: Georgefelshnigg via Flickr


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