New Exhibits at New York City’s New Museum

The New Museum is New York City’s only art museum dedicated to exclusively showcasing contemporary works from around the world. According to its history, the New Museum “began as an idea in the mind of founding Director Marcia Tucker… [who] observed firsthand that new work by living artists was not easily assimilated into the conventional exhibition and collection structure of the traditional art museum,” and sought to create a space where contemporary art could be revered in ways in which classic, fine art is.

Screen shot 2556-07-23 at 13.27.12“Today, the New Museum serves diverse and expanding audiences, including artists, students, and residents of the Lower East Side, as well as a growing international audience,” its history explains. So if you’re planning on being in NYC this summer, make sure to take advantage of the New Museum’s dedication to shining a spotlight on contemporary artists and visit its remarkable current exhibits.

“XFR STN.” This exhibit, an open-door artist-centered media archiving project, can be found in the New Museum’s Fifth Floor gallery space until the early September. “XFR STN” is described as “a pragmatic public service” and “an activity as metaphor: an opportunity to present aspects of a mediatic production process in continuous dynamic transformation.” Essentially, it will exist as a temporary workspace for artists who seek to archive their work that exists in obsolete mediums, like VHS tapes, allowing visitors to see the real time work of artists. Running from 7/17/13 through 9/08/13.

“Don’t Axe Me.” This is the first major New York museum exhibition of the work of artist Ellen Gallagher. The exhibit will feature works from Gallagher that span the past twenty years, showcasing her “radical approach to image, text, and surface – drawing equally from modernism, mass culture, and social history,” the description explains. This daring and provocative exhibition will highlight the artist’s humor, understanding of human psychological complexities, and perception of social norms. The exhibit will feature paintings, drawings, and other works on paper, and is sure to be a remarkable display of a contemporary artist. Running from 6/19/13-9/15/13

These are just two of the many exhibits and events that the New Museum curates and organizes for visitors, both of which promise to be spectacular. For more information about the museum and featured exhibits, visit its official website.

Image: Ricardo via Flickr


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