One Director, Two Journals, A Handful of Artists

Screen shot 2556-07-25 at 13.51.38

One of artist Carroll Dunham’s pieces.
Image: Perke via Flickr

Just like many Brooklyn, NY arts endeavors, The Journal is decidedly cryptic. A curated art and culture quarterly magazine, The Journal began in 1999 as a photocopied zine and has since evolved into a popular-but-still-mostly-underground publication that features contemporary art, fashion, travel, and music. The magazine was created by its editor in chief Michael Nevin, and is based out of Brooklyn, as is its sister-gallery, also called the Journal Gallery, which Nevin is the director of.

Both the print version of The Journal and the gallery offer provocative works from photographers and artists. Visiting the art space is a great way to experience The Journal’s overall aesthetic without committing to a print subscription. After all, its published offerings are appealing but come with a serious price tag attached (it’s $60 for a four-issue subscription to arts and culture on the fringe). The Journal has certainly grown from its early zine beginnings, and Nevin’s desire to showcase stimulating, daring works has also been able to flourish with the growth of the publication.

Right now, the Journal Gallery is showcasing some seasonal artwork in an installation called “Summer Drawings.” The exhibition features works from New York-based Joe Bradley, Carroll Dunham, Brian Belott, and Michael Williams, and will be open to the public until August 9th at the gallery. The collection’s pieces are separate from the content within the current Journal magazine, of which the 32nd issue is now in circulation. “Summer Drawings” boasts collages, multi-media artwork, watercolor and acrylic paintings, and of course, drawings. The featured artists are known for their unique and in some instances sexualized stylistically bold choices.

The Journal Gallery is open from 12-6pm Tuesday through Friday, and is located at 106 North 1st Street, Brooklyn. For more information about Michael Nevin and The Journal, visit its website.


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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