With Food (And Art) In Mind

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With Food In Mind

One of the greatest things about art is its capacity for tying in many diverse, unexpected facets. Artists can create works inspired by literally anything and everything, from politics, to race, to love, sorrow, and even food. Culinary and art writer Nicole J. Caruth knows first-hand that art is a space in which an intersection of different ideas can exist, and used this as inspiration for her new organization, With Food In Mind.

With Food In Mind is a non-profit organization based out of Brooklyn, New York, that’s mission is to create social change by combining food with visual arts and culture. “Because food is relevant to every living person, we believe that it is uniquely capable of engaging many different audiences in learning about the arts,” Caruth says of the organization’s purpose. With Food In Mind advocates for education and social change by developing drop-in workshops, after-school programs, and other events to cultivate an appreciation of art through food.

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When Food and Art Collide.
Image: David Billingham via Flickr

Newly founded in 2012, With Food In Mind is a realization of Caruth’s vision of a creating a harmonious intersection between the arts and food, in which people of all ages can have access to culture and education. Caruth has over fifteen years of experience working in the culinary and arts industries, which allows her to combine multiple passions in order to create social change. The young organization has partnered with a range of other non-profit arts initiatives to bring programs to low-income NYC communities and beyond, creating arts opportunities for those who might not have access otherwise.

With Food In Mind has put a lot of effort into fostering a love of food and art in children aged sixteen and under, and has done so through the development of youth programs throughout the city. Caruth explains that “We teach young people about palettes and palates at a crucial time in their loves: when their tastes are still developing,” with educators implementing curricula that examine studio art, urban farming, cooking, nutrition, and more. For more information about the organization’s ongoing programs, visit With Food In Mind’s official website.


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