ArtBridge NYC Transforms Public Spaces Around the City

Screen shot 2556-08-23 at 15.19.52Sometimes when you live in a vast urban environment like New York City, discovering art can seem like a daunting task. Of course, in NYC there is art literally everywhere – in museums and private galleries, in the architecture of the buildings downtown, on outdoor murals painted by street artists, and sometimes it’s even curated in public outdoor spaces. Happily, with organizations like ArtBridge, you can discover incredible collections of art without even having to venture to a museum.

ArtBridge is an organization that wants to connect New Yorkers to the arts. It does so in a unique way, by transforming construction scaffolding and other public spaces into large-scale open-air galleries. ArtBridge was founded as a way to support emerging local artists, and to engage the public in a new kind of artistic experience, enriching the urban cultural experience. The group has curated a number of collections in various parts of the city, displaying paintings, drawings, and other mediums of art in areas that are normally overlooked. ArtBridge brings pops of color, patterns, and ideas to construction sites, abandoned buildings, and public spaces in hopes of exposing new, talented artists, as well as providing viewers with beautiful art.

Image: Garret Ziegler via Flickr CCOne of ArtBridge’s past installations is called “Intersections,” which was showcased at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, or more specifically, outside of it. The exhibition included 8 artists, and the works showcased a variety of meeting lines, colliding colors, and formations and disruptions of patterns. ArtBridge explains how “‘Intersections’ can be seen as artful, if not playful interpretations of the varied rhythms of the urban environment that surrounds us.”

In July, the Barclays Center welcomed another exhibit from ArtBridge called “Another New York,” in which “Brooklyn-based photographers share their unique perspective of New York City’s continuously changing visual landscape by capturing the city with a new and unexpected eye,” the group explains. The photographs are enlarged and placed on the construction scaffolding that surrounds the performance center. Keep a lookout for art installations around the city – independent street artists could have created them, or you may just find yourself right inside one of ArtBridge’s open-air urban galleries.

For more information about the organization, visit its official website.

Images: Garret Ziegler via Flickr CC


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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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