More Theatrical Offerings Across the Bridge in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Lately, it may seem like all I’ve been writing about are the fantastic theater happenings taking place all around New York City. It’s probably because there have been so many – the International Fringe Festival wrapped up at the end of August, Broadway Week is currently going on right now, and soon, another festival that celebrates performance and local talent will take place in part at the Brooklyn Museum!

The second annual BEAT festival, which stands for “Brooklyn Emerging Artists in Theater,” is unlike any theater festival you’ve ever heard of. Instead of taking place at one large theater or venue, performances will be hosted by various Brooklyn locations to pay homage to the artistic richness the whole neighborhood exudes. Street performance areas, small venues, and the entire Brooklyn Museum will be the “stages” where groups will perform, and the BEAT Festival promises to be one of the most inspirational and energetic of the season.

Screen shot 2556-09-06 at 15.50.25

You’ll have to discover BEAT performances in the halls of the Brooklyn Museum
Image: Neil R

BEAT’s Artistic Director Stephen Shelley says of the festival, “Around every corner there seems to be something touched by the festival.  Local businesses stay open later to accommodate the late arriving crowds. The evenings seem to sprawl with activity and communion.  The performances present fresh and remarkable work, inspiring and transcending.  At BEAT, there will be unique talents, vibrant conversation and events which unify and connect.” The festival will last for ten days starting September 12th, taking place across Brooklyn to showcase local talent and to invite the community to join together in appreciation of the arts.

One of the best things about the theater scene in New York City is that it is remarkably vast; there is something here for anyone who enjoys plays. From musicals, to independent productions, to one-person acts in dingy black box theaters, to magnificent Broadway-scale productions, NYC has it all. The BEAT Festival will spend some time delighting audiences at the Brooklyn Museum, which will become a hub for performance and creative inspiration where the public can see all the artists featured in this year’s lineup. The museum explains that “performances will take place in all corners and halls of the building, and it’s up to you to find them,” which will make the BEAT Festival a truly unique experience.

I’ll soon try to report on less theatrical arts offerings, but for now, I can hardly contain my excitement about all of the wonderful plays being performed in NYC!


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