By The Brooklyn People, For The Brooklyn People (And Everybody Else, of Course!)

Screen shot 2556-09-12 at 16.09.31We already know that Brooklyn is home to some of the most avant-garde galleries, community-based performances spaces, and creative artist-types that lend its many neighborhoods an independent, spirited air. Whether you’re a proud resident of this colorful borough or just stopping by, you’ve got to check out By Brooklyn, a shop dedicated to showcasing the very best artisanal products made right in Brooklyn.

By Brooklyn is a store comprised of items made exclusively by members of the community, and in many ways, it serves as more than just a local-goods retailer. The shop is a “unique space that exists beyond its brick-and-mortar walls, creating a community for artisans to share their experiences, hone their craft and create further opportunities for the expansion of their artistic endeavors.” That’s the true vision that owner Gaia DiLoreto had for the space when she opened shop. Not only did she want to create a place where Brooklynites could find locally made artisanal goods, but she also wanted to showcase the creativity and unique skills of residents that make the borough so special.

Screen shot 2556-09-12 at 16.09.53

By Brooklyn has something for everyone.

By Brooklyn is “the only store dedicated to the sale of fine goods made across the great borough of Brooklyn,” the shop boasts. Some of these fine goods include specialty gift baskets, stationery, apparel, accessories, jewelry, books, and prints – all made by residents of the community, of course. By Brooklyn offers artisanal foods and products like baked goods, beverages and special syrups and tinctures for cocktailing. The store also offers various classes throughout the year, as well as food and beverage tastings and special events that are open to the community.

If you enjoy the arts, and you love to shop for local treasures, By Brooklyn is the store for you. 261 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY.

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About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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