DUMBO Arts Festival: “A Sprawling Feast for the Senses”

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DUMBO Arts Festival 2013
Image: dumboartsfestival via Instagram

The DUMBO Arts Festival is a free public event that aims to showcase the remarkable arts presence in Brooklyn, NY. Every year, this fantastic arts event presents the very best in national, international, and most importantly, local art.

Now, if the only Dumbo you’ve ever heard of is a sweet, cartoon elephant, allow me to introduce you to a different one entirely. DUMBO stands for “District Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” the acronym describing its location in New York City. DUMBO is a neighborhood within the borough of Brooklyn, and much like the rest of Brooklyn, has an incredible penchant for the arts. Here you’ll find many independent galleries and artists who are happy to call the area home, making it a perfect place to host a large-scale arts festival.

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Image: dumboartsfestival via Instagram

According to the event’s organizers, “The DUMBO Arts Festival attracts over 200,000 visitors over 3 days with the participation of over 400 artists from a variety of disciplines, 100 studios, 50 galleries and stages and 100 programming partners.” Hordes of local publications describe the event as being one of the most prolific annual arts happenings in New York City, and that for three days you’ll find art smattered over every inch of the DUMBO neighborhood. Beside the views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline you’ll find pop-up workshops, live performances, exhibits, canvasses, and studios making a temporary home among the streets, storefronts, and public spaces of DUMBO.

This year, the Dumbo Arts Festival will take place from Friday, September 27th to Sunday, September 29th. Visit the official event website for more information about the festival schedule, and make sure not to miss out on this amazing cultural event.


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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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