Beyond Love: New Exhibits at the Whitney Museum Of Art

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Robert Indiana’s Iconic “Love” Sculpture
Image: Josh Self via Flickr CC

New York City has such a diverse and vast amount of museums to visit, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of them all. One institution that always features fantastic exhibits is the Whitney Museum of Art, “the preeminent institution devoted to the art of the United States.” Here you’ll find a range of twentieth-century and contemporary American art, with a special focus on living artists, and one of the most impressive museum collections of art in the world.

Have you been to the Whitney Museum lately? There are many wonderful things to explore there and the museum is featuring an array of new artists and exhibits. One of the newly opened exhibits is called “Robert Indiana: Beyond LOVE” which was organized by curator Barbara Haskell. This exhibit focuses on the works of Pop Artist Robert Indiana, and is very much in line with the museum’s desire to showcase innovative, impressive works that have stood the test of time.

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The Whitney Museum of Art
Image: JasonParis via Flickr CC

The Whitney Museum explains that Indiana’s work is “bold and visually dazzling, [it] embraced the vocabulary of highway signs and roadside entertainments that were commonplace in post war America. He used words to explore themes of American identity, racial injustice, and the illusion and disillusion of love.” Indiana first emerged as an artist during the first wave of Pop Art that took the country by surprise, and delighted the art world in the early 1960s. His work is poignant, political, and visually stunning. His transformative touch applied to familiar images is perhaps what makes the most impact to viewers who are able to expand their perception of what those symbols mean in our society.

The New York Times says, “Indiana’s paintings are gateways between the visual and the verbal, the private and the public, the physical and the metaphysical, and the conscious and the unconscious. Richly ambiguous, they unsettle fixed categories. And they are ravishing to behold.” Indeed, the exhibit is a marvel, and one you won’t want to miss. Head on over to the Whitney Museum of Art to see “Robert Indiana: Beyond LOVE” and the many exhibits on display right now.

“Robert Indiana: Beyond LOVE” will run from September 26th, 2013 to January 5th, 2014.


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