The Most Anticipated Acts of Performa 13

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Performa 13 celebrates performance arts in NYC.
Image: performanyc via Instagram

Performa 13 is right around the corner, and the critics are already anticipating this year’s best performances. If you’ve never heard of the event, Performa is “the only biennial dedicated to commissioning, presenting and exploring new visual art performance across disciplines. For three weeks Performa and a consortium of arts organizations will band together to transform New York City into the performance capital of the world.”

Starting on November 1st, Performa 13 will take over NYC with over 100 events in venues across NYC. Here are some highlights from The Huffington Post’s “10 Must-Sees At This Year’s Performa” by Rozalia Jovanovic:

threeASFOUR, “Fest.” In this performance, “models will sport edible couture baked in Platonic shapes that can be broken and dipped into spices blended to suggest the classical elements of fire, water, ice, ether, and air,” explains The Huffington Post. This interactive display will coincide with the troupe’s current exhibition “Mer Ka Ba” at the Jewish Museum for one night only.

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threeASFOUR are one of this year’s most anticipated acts.
Image: performanyc via Instagram

Ryan McNamara, “MEEM: A STORY BALLET ABOUT THE INTERNET.” This show can be best described as a “choreographed exploration of the online world.” Performance artist Ryan McNamara is renowned for his unique interactions with his audiences and ability to merge artistic mediums. This show, and its immense cultural relevance, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Rashid Johnson, “The Dutchman.” This visual artist, who is known for his photographs, sculptures, and avant garde films, is trying his hand at live performance for the first time in “The Dutchman,” explains The Huffington Post. Critic Rozalia Jovanovic details what to expect of this performance, calling it “a reworking of a 1964 theatrical play of the Civil Rights era by LerRoi Jones, Johnson’s political allegory will take a turn for the surreal, and the steamy, when it unfolds in the Russian baths on 10th street.”

This year, Performa 13’s overarching theme is “surrealism,” which should make for a dazzling array of performances. For more information, visit the Performa 13 official website.


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