“First Date” Continues to Delight Broadway Audiences

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Image: firstdatebway via Instagram

Have you been to see First Date The Musical yet? It’s Broadway’s newest musical play, and it has delighted audiences and critics since it first took to the stage in early August.

First Date is not the kind of play to watch if you’re only entertained by incredibly serious dramas, however, and some critics have admonished the new play for its lack of depth. Regardless of what some critics have said, the play continues to make audiences laugh and cringe at the all-too-familiar awkwardness that can be unavoidable on a blind date.

This musical comedy touches on the emotions and self-awareness that one feels on a blind date, and recreates the first date of characters Aaron and Casey in real-time. According to the playbill,

“When blind date newbie Aaron (Zachary Levi) is set up with serial-dater Casey (Krysta Rodriguez) a casual drink at a busy New York restaurant turns into a hilarious high-stakes dinner. As the date unfolds, the couple quickly finds that they are not alone on this unpredictable evening. In a delightful and unexpected twist, Casey and Aaron’s inner critics take on a life of their own when other restaurant patrons transform into supportive best friends, manipulative exes and protective parents, who sing and dance them through ice-breakers, appetizers and potential conversational land mines.”

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Image: firstdatebway via Instagram

First Date The Musical is an honest and funny examination of a very real, potentially very traumatizing intimate human interaction. Using comedic writing, strong – albeit a bit cliché – character development, and incredible musical numbers, it’s no wonder that the play has left audiences wanting for more.

The Associated Press says “The overall tone is satiric, but there’s a sneakily persistent undercurrent of optimism in the fun, fast-paced production.” The Hollywood Reporter calls it a “winning crowd-pleaser delivered with comic verve and charm.” No matter what the critics say, an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences alone is enough to spark intrigue in this funny musical.

Go see for yourself! First Date might just be the funniest, most endearing musical you see on Broadway this year! Learn more about the play at firstdatethemusical.com.


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