This Weekend, Go On a “Gallery Crawl”

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Image: Tim Arnold via Flickr CC

We’re all familiar with the pub crawl – you know, the pastime that consists of consuming as much liquor as you comfortably can while spending the better part of your Saturday moving from pub to bar to lounge across town. Just as New York City has no shortage of beer-drenched watering holes, there are galleries and museums on seemingly every corner. This weekend, why don’t you opt for going on a different kind of crawl? A “gallery crawl!”

Here are a few galleries scattered around the city with new exhibits opening this month to get you started:

Sacred Gallery. What’s old is made new again at Sacred Gallery in SoHo, where you can start your crawl by checking out its newest exhibition, “Re-Thrifted.” This exhibit is a group collection with works from more than 25 artists who reclaimed thrift shop paintings and brought them to life again with their artistic touches. Some artists include David Kassan, Megan Massacre, Cam Rackam, Jessica V and more. “Re-Thrifted” will be on display from November 7th-30th.

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Art 101. Make Art 101 in Brooklyn the next stop on your gallery crawl. This gallery is only open from Friday through Sunday, so it will be the perfect excuse to check it out. Right now, Robin Tost’s “Industrial Quilts” are on display, but towards the end of the month artist George Singley’s works will be exhibited in a show called “239,000 Miles from Dallas.” This exhibit will feature bold, compelling paintings inspired by the Kennedy assassination.

Life On Mars Gallery. Since you’ll already be in Brooklyn, why not head over to Life On Mars Gallery to complete your crawl? Starting on November 8th, “Painting Impossible” will be on display, featuring the works of five artists: Todd Bienvenu, Katherine Bradford, Jim Herbert, Arnold Mesches, and Karen Schwartz. This diverse group show addresses the relevancy of being a painter in the age of new technology and media, and promises to be visually stunning and provocative.

Think you can handle more than three galleries on your crawl? Wagmag is an awesome resource that will lead you to hundreds of galleries in the Brooklyn area alone.



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