The Queens Museum Reopens and Welcomes a ‘United Nations’ of Art Lovers

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Image: queensmuseum via Instagram

After months of construction and renovations that forced the Queens Museum of Art to close its doors temporarily, the museum has reopened, emerging as an even more prolific arts institution.

According to the museum’s directors, “In November, 2013, the Queens Museum ushered in a new phase in the institution’s history, completing an expansion project that gives New York a spectacular new art venue, and provides the Museum with the space necessary to better serve its diverse communities.” The museum has reportedly doubled in size, growing to a massive 105,000 square feet where it hopes “the art world and real world can engage in open, meaningful, dialogue.” Since its 1972 founding, the Queens Museum has been dedicated to preserving the history of Queens while innovating and providing contemporary artworks to its community. The newly renovated space should allow for even more opportunities to share and expand artistic discourse.

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Family Day attracts many during the museum’s reopening.
Image: queensmuseum via Instagram

As Holland Cotter eloquently explains in The New York Times, “The United Nations of voices we encounter on Manhattan’s streets is global but transient: Visitors from abroad come to town and they look, they shop, they leave. By contrast, the same range of accents we hear in Queens is global but local: People land from everywhere and stay, in one of the most ethnically diverse patches of residential real estate in the nation.” The Queens Museum has always been reflective of the diverse and culturally rich neighborhood in which it resides; it will continue to champion its community now that the multi-million dollar renovation has been completed.

Holland also describes the newly renovated museum as being “Queens-conscious,” in the way it showcases multiculturalism and provides an accessible feel to locals. Because of its doubling in size, the Queens Museum now literally has something to offer just about anyone, and curated an astounding four contemporary exhibitions for its proud reopening. It welcomes locals, longtime New Yorkers, out of town and international visitors, and anyone, young or old, that have a penchant for the arts.

For more information about the reopening and current exhibitions, visit the Queens Museum’s official website.


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