Battery Park City Parks Conservancy Hosts its Annual Art Show


You may be familiar with Battery Park City, the downtown neighborhood that has undergone a massive transformation in recent years, becoming a wonderful example of an urban area renewed. You might be less familiar with the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy (BPCPC), however, an organization that is striving to further develop a sense of community in Battery Park City. Through community engagement, sponsored events and entertainment, and programs designed to welcome people from all walks of life, the BPCPC is committed to broadening the area’s cultural reach.

The BPCPC “offers public programs and events for almost everyone. From May through October we sponsor music, dancing and storytelling, fishing days, bird watching and garden tours, art for all ages, sports, games, and play programs. Our diverse programs aim to connect people with the parks as well as with each other,” the organization explains. Being affiliated with the Battery Park City Authority helps the BPCPC to bolster their programs and reach more community members. In the hands of innovative board members like Governor Cuomo, Martha J. Gallo, and Carl Mattone, the partnership between the community-centric organizations is a strong one, and is now using art to strengthen it further.

“Making art together builds relationships in unique ways,” explains Abby Ehrlich, director of Parks Programming. Right now, the BPCPC is presenting its annual art exhibition, featuring works created by members of the community. According to the Tribeca Trib, “Inspired by the tranquil gardens and parks of Battery Park City, views of the Hudson River, and the historical architecture of Lower Manhattan – Battery Park City Parks Conservancy’s Annual Art Exhibition features work created by the public of all ages in BPCPC programs.” Now, the BPCPC can literally stand back and admire its handiwork; the art show illustrates both the physical beauty of the neighborhood, as well as the passionate, creative community that inhabits it, and benefits from its programs.

The 2014 BPCPC Art Exhibition will be on display from January 26th through March 28th at the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, 75 Battery Place. For more information, visit


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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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