The New York Philharmonic Opens Carnegie Hall’s Spring for Music Festival

Christopher Rouse

The New York Philharmonic’s Composer-in-Residence, Christopher Rouse.
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News just broke that the New York Philharmonic Orchestra will perform the opening concert during the fourth annual Spring for Music Festival at Carnegie Hall. According to Broadway World, “Music Director Alan Gilbert will conduct the New York Philharmonic in the New York Premiere of the Marie-Josée Kravis Composer-in-Residence Christopher Rouse’s Requiem with baritone Jacques Imbrailo, the Westminister Symphonic Choir, and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus,” on Monday, May 5th, 2014. Famed composer Christopher Rouse reportedly completed his Requiem in 2002, and this will be the first time it is performed for a New York audience. The concert will commemorate the opening night of the Spring for Music Festival, a highly anticipated event that invites orchestras from all around North America to perform.

carnegie hallEconomist, philanthropist and arts enthusiast Marie-Josée Kravis (formerly Marie-Josée Drouin) is the eponymous benefactor of the $200,000 Composer-in-Residence prize, awarded every two years to a composer who has contributed greatly to the field of new music. Since 2012, Rouse has been that composer, and is incredibly excited to be performing the piece that he describes as, “It is the best thing that I can lay claim to. It’s the work by which I would want to stand or fall.” Music Director Alan Gilbert, who has been leading the New York Philharmonic since 2009, is also incredibly excited for the performance of Rouse’s Requiem during the festival. He muses, “All of us at the New York Philharmonic know that music can transport you away from daily concerns, to create a space for contemplation and illumination,” which is what the Spring for Music Festival is all about.

This year, Spring for Music will feature orchestras from Seattle, Rochester, Cincinnati, Pittsburg, and Winnipeg, in addition to New York’s own Philharmonic Orchestra. The festival is described as a “concentrated festival of concerts by North American symphony and chamber orchestras presented annually at Carnegie Hall to broad music-loving audiences at affordable prices,” making it not only a greatly acclaimed event, but an accessible one.

Learn more about the Spring for Music Festival by visiting its official website, and be sure not to miss out on the incredible music offered at Carnegie Hall this spring!

Spring for Music Festival

May 5-10, 2014

Carnegie Hall, NYC


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