Annual Zine Fest Returns to Brooklyn


Later this month, the third annual Brooklyn Zine Fest returns to NYC in an “exposition of self-published magazines in the greatest borough in the greatest city in the world.” The enthusiastic zinesters and event co-creators Matt Carman and Ksenia Yarosh are proud to announce, “This third annual event will feature 150 writers, artists, and publishers from the five boroughs and beyond, including a Student Section showcasing the next generation of zine makers,” of what to expect from the highly anticipated Zine Fest.

brooklyn-zine-fest-2014-poster-1500x2000According to Carman and Yarosh, this year, the Brooklyn Zine Fest will take place over two days at the end of April, and promises to be an interactive, visually inspiring experience featuring panel discussions and zines of every shape and size to purchase or peruse, including work from Big Womyn Press, Rellie Brewer, Miniature Garden, I Love Bad Movies, and over one hundred others. The event was expanded after last year’s Fest drew in a major crowd and large number of participants, and will be held at the Brooklyn Historical Society. The Brooklyn Zine Fest is free to attend, and is open to all people of all ages.

This year’s Brooklyn Zine Fest panel topics were just announced earlier this month; the three panel discussions are titled “Queer & Trans* Zinesters,” “Collecting Zines (Libraries, Archives & Collectives),” and “Anonymity,” a panel that addresses the benefits and drawbacks of making zines for the public. Whether you’re an avid zinester and collector, or even if you’ve never even heard of a zine before, this event is sure to be fun, educational, and inspiring. Carman and Yarosh are insistent that the event be inclusive and accessible, welcoming folks of all ages and artistic (or artistically challenged) backgrounds to attend.

Head over to the Brooklyn Zine Fest’s website for more information, and to see who is exhibiting their zines this year.

3rd Annual Brooklyn Zine Fest

Saturday, April 26th and Sunday April 27th,

Brooklyn Historical Society


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