Frieze Art Fair Returns to NYC

frieze art fair

Frieze Art Fair returned to New York City last week for its third installment in the Big Apple. The international contemporary art fair launched here in May 2012, after already having established itself in London as one of the world’s premier art events. This year, Frieze New York marks the company’s largest event to date, with more than 190 of the world’s leading galleries and artists having gathered at Randall’s Island.

One of the things that sets the Frieze Art Fair apart from others is how the event is “one of the few fairs to focus on contemporary art and living artists,” which extends beyond exhibition into talks and special programming highlighting some of the world’s most acclaimed artists working today. It is a celebration of the innovative works and visions that are shaping the art world, as we know it today. New York City is the perfect home for Frieze in the United States; as one of our country’s most prolific cultural hubs, it seems fitting that such a renowned arts and cultural event would take place here.


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Frieze New York always draws out many famous faces, locals, and visitors from around the world. The fair’s opening this year drew out New York elite like Henry Kravis and his wife Marie-Josee, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio, tennis pro John McEnroe, and fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Exhibitors at Frieze New York hailed from all around the globe, but many are local artists too. Barbara Gladstone is one of the biggest local names, and Carroll Dunham, Yayoi Kusama, David Zwirner Gallery, Pussy Riot, and so many more joined the celebrated local gallery.

One of my favorite facets of this year’s fair was how despite its focus on art and artists from around the world, many of its fine details are decidedly local. This year’s fair invites some of the biggest culinary names to Randall’s Island, including Mission Cantina, Momofuku Milk Bar, Roberta’s, Blue Bottle Coffee, and many others. It’s this kind of twist that makes going to Frieze extra fun for native New Yorkers, especially those who love the arts.

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