3 Must-See Exhibits at MoMA This Summer


From Robert Heinecken: Object Matter. / Image: themuseumofmodernart via Instagram

It comes as no surprise that New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is one of the city’s premier cultural destinations year-round. Summertime in particular seems like a great time to frequent the prolific cultural hub, and I’d definitely recommend making a trip or two this season. Here are three reasons not to miss out on all that MoMA has to offer this summer:

Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963-2010. Through August 3rd, you can experience the first comprehensive retrospective exhibition of the late German artist Sigmar Polke. Alibis displays the artist’s work across all mediums, including painting, photography, film, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Explains MoMA, “Widely regarded as one of the most influential artists of the postwar generation, Polke possessed an irreverent wit that, coupled with his exceptional grasp of the properties of his materials, pushed him to experiment freely with the conventions of art and art history.” Don’t miss out on this expansive exhibition of Polke’s work!

Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948-1988. Another massive retrospective, MoMA’s homage to Brazilian artist Lygia Clark is the first comprehensive exhibition of her work to be displayed in North America. Clark, a leading abstract artist, was known for her unconventional artworks, and nearly 300 of them are currently on view at MoMA. The Abandonment of Art seeks to capture Clark’s ongoing displeasure with the limitations of myriad art mediums, something the artist struggled with constantly throughout her career. Focusing on three themes: abstraction, Neo-Concretism, and the “abandonment,” of art, The Abandonment of Art is sure to enchant audiences through August 24th.

Robert Heinecken: Object Matter. According to MoMA, “This exhibition gathers over 150 works from throughout the artist’s remarkable career, many of them never seen before in New York – including the largest display to date of his altered magazines, which were the backbone of his art,” of the impressive body of work from Robert Heinecken. Self-described as a “para-photographer,” the artist worked heavily with collage, photo-based painting and sculpture, installation works, and lithography. His presence in the world of high and popular culture has informed many of his artistic contemporaries, and his body of work truly speaks for itself.

For more information about the current and ongoing exhibitions, be sure to visit www.moma.org.


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