Sotheby’s Auctions John Lennon’s Detention Sheets

If you’ve ever wanted to own personal items of your favorite celebrities, Sotheby’s Auction House might have the thing for you: John Lennon’s detention sheets, because apparently they expect people to pay a lot of money for these. The book of detention sheets documents the 29 times Lennon was sent to detention at Quarry Bank High School between September 9th, 1955 and July 11th, 1956. The book is estimated to sell for about $4,000.

The book’s entries come from six different teachers over the course of the year documented, noting Lennon’s “rebellious nature” and “irreverence for authority.” Lennon, 15 at the time, is described as a “nuisance in class” and often did not have homework completed. Occasionally, he received detention for failing to show up for detention.

Supposedly, the book was rescued from a bonfire at the high school in the 1970s. “During one summer holidays a member of staff had been instructed to clear out a storage room and to burn all the redundant old books. He spotted the name “Lennon” at the top of some of the pages in one and tore out the pages he found. Apparently a number of the pages he saved were lost or destroyed in an accident at a later date, and this is one of a few to survive,” says the Sotheby’s site.

The book will sell at Sotheby’s “Rock and Pop” sale on September 29th in London. Other items in the sale include Bob Dylan’s typed lyrics to “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” a signed managerial contract between The Beatles and Brian Epstein from 1962 (estimated to sell for upwards of $500,000), and a handwritten copy of “Ambitionz as a Ridah” from Tupac Shakur.

There will be plenty more Beatles items at the auction, including clothing and signed records and manuscripts. Items from David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton will also be up for grabs.


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