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L’Atlas Brings Brief Installations to New York

Art is how we adorn space. When we make art ephemeral, temporary, fleeting, do we then adorn time as well? French street artist L’Atlas perhaps had something of the sort in mind this October, when he meticulously built and dismantled … Continue reading

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Sole Copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s New Album Sells for Millions

This one’s fun. The only copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s new album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin…, was sold through online auctioneer Paddle8 for an “undisclosed figure in the millions.” An unnamed American buyer now owns the lonely album. Since … Continue reading

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Young Russian Pianist Dazzles with New York Philharmonic

Twenty-four-year-old Daniil Trifonov has been generating buzz since 2011, when he took first prize in the Arthur Rubenstein International Piano Master Competition in Tel Aviv at age 20. Four years later, he joins the New York Philharmonic in presenting a … Continue reading

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This Artist is No Haas-Been!

Manhattan has always been synonymous with adornment. Dior and Tiffany have their basecamps in that illustrious neighborhood, and there are few places the eye can rest without seeing some manner of decoration or adornment. No exception are the walls of … Continue reading

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Parking Meters Become Art

In 2011, New York City began uprooting its traditional parking meters, having decommissioned the lot of them in the years before. They were replaced by the single-stand parking station, where you buy a ticket to put in your car showing … Continue reading

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Science-influenced art, or SciArt, is not a new genre. Artists have always watched science for new inspiration, and found beauty in the raw data. There are people out there wearing tattoos of the first-ever photograph of DNA’s helical structure, and … Continue reading

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