The Home Show

A flower arrangement on a small table.

After years of working and staging exhibitions with artists such as Tino Sehgal, Philippe Parreno, Adrián Villar Rojas and Sarah Morris, artist/producer Asad Raza put together his own another ephemeral show — inside his tiny one-bedroom apartment. Pictured: vase and flower arrangement by Camille Henrot.

The micro-ness of New York apartments is legendary. We all know that the sprawling apartments we saw on Friends were pure fiction. Artist Asad Raza may be luckier than most, with his 450 square feet, but it’s still a cramped space.

Particularly for an art gallery.

Five years ago, Raza came up with the idea of hosting a full-sized art show in his very small apartment. In the years since, the idea rested mostly in the back of his mind, but slowly gathered momentum until early 2015. Working with his friend Phillippe Parreno on his huge show H{N) Y P N (Y} OSIS in the Park Avenue Armory, the idea surged up again with the urge to host a show that was the opposite of what he was doing there in nearly every way.

Raza enlisted help from artist friends around New York. Almost everyone he approached wanted to contribute, and The Home Show began to gather steam. Paintings, sculpture, photos and videos, sound works and performances and perfumes were all tossed into the pot, all to be displayed in the corners and shelves and end tables of his one-bedroom apartment. Remaining in residence the whole while, Raza also included artifacts like a 15-thousand-year old mastodon tooth and a (used!) artificial heart donated by his father, a cardiac-surgeon.

“In a weird way the show is a portrait of my life. I put the artists I work with in it. It turned out to be a lot more intimate than I thought it would be,” said Raza. With his traveling life, his New York apartment is as much base camp as home, but he says that this show has really helped him connect with his dwelling.

The Home Show is on until December 20th, Wednesdays-Sundays, by appointment. Appointments can be made by following the instructions on the flyer floating around town.


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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