Heart of Hearts

An image of the Heart of Hearts installation.

Image: The Heart of Hearts installation | ArchDailyArchDaily

On February 9th, an arresting new art installation was unveiled in New York City’s Times Square, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Twelve tall hearts in mirror-finish gold, each one linked, each one standing on a narrow pin, stand in a faceted ring and reflect passersby.

The installation, titled Heart of Hearts, is the creation of architectural art group Collective-LOK. Founded by Jon Lott, William O’Brien Jr, and Michael Kubo, the group has featured dozens of decorated artists/architects since its inception.

On their website, CLOK calls Heart of Hearts “a space for intimacy and performance” inside the “blur of bright lights and billboards, noise, steam, passion, and possibilities,” that is Times Square. They note that inside the ring, the spaces between facing hearts makes semi-discreet “kissing booths” for couples.

Each of the twelve tall, bright gold hearts is folded, so the reflections bring images together from different sides of the square, or double and distort anything directly in front of them. Anyone inside one of the six ‘kissing booth’ enclosures will be surrounded by reflections of themselves in multiples of four, a fine metaphor for togetherness.

Times Square has been hosting a Valentine Heart Design installation each year since 2009, but CLOK says that this is the largest and most site-specific of any to date. Visitors to Heart of Hearts are encouraged to share their pictures and impressions online using the hashtag #heartofheartsTSq.


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