Noboo Kawaguchi “<3s" New York

A painting from the "I

Image: A piece from the art exhibi |Courtesy of Noboo Kawaguchi | Park Slope Stoop

Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch is looking a lot like its community right now, and that’s down to the current display of art there right now. Noboo Kawaguchi’s collection, “I ❤ NEW YORK,” is vivid and bold and features the faces of as many New Yorkers as the artist can cram in.

An immigrant from Osaka, Japan, and an escapee from the stifling world of corporate art and advertising design, Kawaguchi is an adept illustrator. When she moved to Brooklyn, from the first day she was fascinated by the diversity of the people there. Not only their faces and races, but their mannerisms and everything about them. That inspired her to start using the faces of people she saw once or every day.  “I ❤ NEW YORK” in particular is about “New York’s special identity as a multinational Metropolis of freethinking people,” says Kawaguchi.

She also portrays New York as a place of extraordinarily happy people, people in love with their city. What better art for a public center like a library?

Brooklyn Public Library has been good to the artist as well. She’s particularly impressed that they took considerations to give her enough space. Several of the mixed-media pieces (silk-screening, pen-and-ink drawings, and painting, all layered together in collage) are very large, but BPL has been able to display every piece. They also coordinated an extraordinary photographer, Gregg Richards, to work with Kawaguchi to create a storyboard about her artistic process, to keep the exhibit in line with the library’s educational focus.

Kawaguchi’s partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library has been nothing but positive, she’s pleased to report. While it ends on April 3rd, she hopes to repeat the experience in future years.

Until April 3rd, “I ❤ NEW YORK” can been seen in the Foyer Gallery Cases of BPL’s Central Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza any hours the library is open. Of course, admission is entirely free.


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