Free Art to See in the City

An ad for the Mystery and Benevolence exhibit with a photo of an artwork of the sun.

Image: The American Folk Art Museum

Another Friday night has come around, and what’s an art lover on a budget to do? Go see some free art, of course! There’s a lot to discover around town now, especially with the advent of spring (sort of) and more things and people popping up outside. Here’s a few things you should make time to check out while they’re still available. Best of all, all these options are free!

Unorthodox, The Jewish Museum, Central Park

Closes Sunday, March 27th.

This compelling show features 55 contemporary artists who mix form and genre to explore their individuality and independence. There are over 200 works of art on display that deal with the “importance of iconoclasm and the art’s key role in breaking rules and traditions.” The art investigates social and political values as well as themes of identity, trauma, and religion to “explore the relationship between the human figure and the modern creative process.”

Mystery and Benevolence: Masonic and Odd Fellows Art from the Kendra and Allan Daniel Collection, The American Folk Art Museum

Closes Sunday, May 8th.

This exhibit looks into some of America’s history of secret societies and their cultures. “Mystery and Benevolence” looks into “the fascinating visual landscape of fraternal culture through almost two hundred works of art comprising a major gift to the American Folk Art museum from Kendra and Allan Daniel,” finding links between artists, identities, and communities.

Midtown Concerts, through 2016

Varying times and locations

If music is more your thing, you’re in luck: there Midtown Concert series has published its current season of shows, all of which feature instrumentalists performing classical works. On March 17th, Ed Matthew, Carlene Strober, and Dongsok Shin will perform Beethoven’s Opus 11—sometimes known as “Gassenhauer” or “Street Song.” On March 24th, ARTEK will perform Haydn’s Last Seven Words for solo piano. All concerts will begin at 1:15 PM.

Did you see any of these events? Leave a review below!


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