Don’t Go to the Brooklyn Museum This Weekend!

A photo of the museum's new European gallery.

Image: The museum’s recently reinstalled European gallery. Credit Christopher Gregory for The New York Times

Here’s your PSA: the Brooklyn Museum will be closed this weekend because of an air-conditioning outage. As temperatures soar over 90 in New York City this weekend, the outage is an important reminder of the powerful effect hot weather can have, especially for people who plan to be out and about touring museums all day.

The museum will be closed from the 8th through Sunday, July 10th.

“Our team is working around the clock to replace the damaged systems during this time. All museum collections are being constantly monitored and sensitive materials are being moved to climate-controlled spaces,” the museum said.

Sunday’s Brooklyn Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification and Displacement will be rescheduled for another time, though that date has not yet been announced.

The museum has had air-conditioning woes before: 14 years ago, the space finished a $63 million renovation that brought climate control to several parts of the museum. But earlier this year, the Brooklyn Museum offered buyouts to some staff members after some financial problems, primarily a deficit of $3 million.

But it hasn’t all been sour news for the museum this year. In May of this year, the museum launched a new Android version of its “ASK” app, a mobile program that allows visitors to interact with the museum in real-time, on their devices. Once visitors have the app on their phones, they can ask specific questions about pieces and exhibits, speaking directly with a member of the museum’s Audience Engagement staff, a group of experienced art historians, researchers, and collectors who can talk knowledgeably about what’s in the museum.

“We have the opportunity to really learn what works of art interest our visitors, what kinds of questions they are asking, and the observations they are making in a more comprehensive way than ever before,” said Anne Pasternak, the museum’s director. “The data collected has helped inform some of the decisions our curators have made in our newly-installed galleries and will assist in the way we present work in the future.”

All of these exciting new exhibits and options should resume at the Brooklyn Museum next week. Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen, everyone!


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One Response to Don’t Go to the Brooklyn Museum This Weekend!

  1. Anisa says:

    Wow! Love the Brooklyn Museum!

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