Museum Offers Guided Meditation for Black Lives Matter

A photo of an African American woman meditating.

Image: Shutterstock

In response to recent police killings, The New Museum of Contemporary Art is offering guided meditation sessions for the Black Lives Matter movement. Board-certified and licensed acupuncturist, Mona Chopra, will lead the majority of the sessions. Chopra, who is also a certified hypnotist and both a yoga and meditation instructor, hopes that the sessions will help participants achieve internal tranquility.

“In these sessions, participants will be led through meditation practices rooted in the Buddhist tradition to help in settling, soothing, and healing our stressed hearts, minds, and bodies. By cultivating patience, calmness, and clarity of thinking, we can, as Pema Chödrön notes, ‘soften what is rigid in our hearts.’ By helping to bring us closer in touch with our own humanity and the humanity of others, meditation enables us to be sources of increasing peace in the world,” Chopra wrote.

The sessions are an extension of the “Simon Leigh: The Waiting Room” exhibit. The exhibit, which mostly focuses on the struggles of Black women, explores themes of insubordination, revolution, and perseverance. Artist Simon Leigh’s examines how self-care in times of violence can be its own form of rebellion, and how it can even lead to peaceful resolutions.

The meditation sessions take place every Saturday from 10am – 11:30am through September 17. Dr. Aimee Meredith Cox will lead two of the upcoming sessions on August 27 and September 17. As a cultural anthropologist and tenured professor of African and African American Studies at Fordham University, Dr. Cox will teach participants how to come to terms with feelings of injustice, anger, and tragedy.

The meditation sessions have been immensely popular, and due to limited space, RSVP is required. Interested parties can reserve a spot by emailing There will not be a guided meditation session on September 3.


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