‘Nasty Women’ Artwork Sells Out

A photo of a name tag that reads, "Hello, I'm a... NASTY WOMAN!"

Image credit: Shutterstock

“Nasty woman” was the term Donald Trump used to describe his former political opponent, Hillary Clinton. Shortly after using the phrase, it became popularized by women’s rights activists and anti-Trump groups. It’s crazy to think that what started out as an insult has now transformed into a movement. Just take the “Nasty Women” art exhibition, for example.

Nearly 700 artists and activists teamed up to host the ‘Nasty Women’ art exhibition, which took place at the Knockdown Center in Queens, New York. In just four short days, all the artwork featured at the event was completely sold out. The exhibition, which took place on Jan. 12-15, was a way for the community to speak out against misogyny and bigotry.

And the community certainly made their voices heard. Each piece of artwork was sold for $100 dollars or less, with all proceeds going towards women’s rights organizations. In total, more than $42,000 was raised for Planned Parenthood alone. To say the event was a success is an understatement.

Roxanne Jackson, who created the event, had no idea at the time that the exhibition would become such a hit. The idea came to her in a simple Facebook post:

“Hello female artists/curators! Let’s organize a NASTY WOMEN group show!!! Who’s interested???”

Within an hour of posting her status, she had almost 300 responses from people who were interested in participating. That’s when she teamed up with curator Jessamyn Fiore and studio manager Carolina Wheat to finalize all the details and put her plan into action.

“This show isn’t necessarily about highlighting individual artists,” Jackson said. “It’s about female-identifying artists coming together against the Trump regime.”

Jackson, who is a ceramicist and sculptor, was overwhelmed by the amount of support she received from the local community. She’s happy to learn that there are now other “Nasty Women” exhibitions being hosted around the country.


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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