Carole Feuerman’s Realistic Artwork on Display at One Exchange Plaza

A realistic sculpture of a female swimmer created by artist Carole Feuerman.

A sculpture by world renowned artist Carole Feuerman.
Photo credit: lev radin / Shutterstock

The lobby inside the One Exchange Plaza on Broadway is one of New York City’s newest art spaces. Currently on display is Carole Feuerman’s hyperrealistic sculptures. They bring a strange, soft humanity to the gallery. The display is titled PERCEPTION | In the Eye of the Beholder.

Feuerman’s sculptures are breathtaking to see. Most of her sculptures are from her “swimmers” collection, which are life-size sculptures and paintings of women in their bathing suits. Each one is so realistic that they depict even the tiniest of details such as water droplets on the skin and wet eyelashes. Some sculptures even show side-boob and skin folds. If the artist were to sneak a live model among the set, it would be difficult to tell which she was.

Each sculpture is juxtaposed against the cartoonish shape of inflatable pool toys. The pool toys even have plastic gloss, making them appear even more lifelike. It is with good reason that Feuerman is called “the reigning doyenne of super-realism” by those in the field. In the ’70s, she was one of three leaders in a movement towards photo-real sculptures.

Also featured are her paintings and prints. Many of these serve as the inspiration behind her large sculptures. Just like her sculptures, she paints with the finest of detail.

PERCEPTION was made possible for One Exchange Plaza by Chashama, a nonprofit foundation that collaborates with property owners to make business spaces into art galleries. Chashama currently manages over 120 artist studios, six galleries, five curated office lobbies, two performance halls, and provides affordable housing to artists in need.

Due to its popularity, PERCEPTION has been extended until April 23rd. The closing reception is still set for April 17th, which was originally intended to be the final day.


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