Frieze New York 2017 Is This Weekend

A photo of people browsing the 2015 Frieze Art Fair.

A photo taken from the Frieze Art Fair in 2015.
Photo credit: lev radin / Shutterstock

Frieze New York, an annual event since 2014, is a fair of international and contemporary art that takes place each spring on Randall’s Island in Manhattan. More than two hundred galleries fill space in the 256-acre island park in the Harlem River, along with scattered exhibits and performances elsewhere in the city.

One of the central features in Frieze New York is its Frame section, which is a space reserved for shows of new artists hosted by new galleries, a sort of debut stage. Artists are suggested and nudged onto this stage by two luminaries of international art: Jacob Proctor of the University of Chicago and Fabian Schöneich of the Portikus Contemporary Art Center in Frankfurt, Germany. Both curators, the two men make suggestions which are usually listened to by the fair organizers.

A few of this year’s Frame featured subjects:

Hudinilson Urbano Jr.
This late South American artist’s medium of choice is an unusual one: the photocopier. Copying found objects and his own body, Urbano’s work from before his 2013 death was an exploration of sex, gender, and identity.

Jan Vorisek
From Zurich, Vorisek uses found objects, mostly technological detritus, to build animated sculptures that includes elements of performance art, mostly through recorded voice.

Daiga Grantina
This Latvian artist’s large-scale installations have rarely come to America before. Massive and organ-like, using unexpected materials, her sculptures are exciting to see from every angle.

Susan Cianciolo
From right here in New York City, Cianciolo’s artworks span a variety of media, from watercolor tapestries to garment sketches and illustrated recipes. She is, by education, a fashion designer and has a concurrent exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in Greenwich.

Milano Chow
Chow, a young artist from Los Angeles, is an illustrator in pencil, and her work will perhaps be an island of tranquil simplicity in the multimedia storm that is Frieze New York.

Frieze New York takes place each year on the first full weekend in May on Randall’s Island. This year, that is May 5-7.


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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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