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Meet the Young Artists Whose Work is Being Featured at the Met

This is the tenth consecutive year of P.S. Art: Celebrating the Creative Spirit of NYC Kids, a project to feature young artists from schools across New York City on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Over 1,000 artworks were … Continue reading

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Photography in the Spotlight

When we think of big donations to art museums, we often think of large canvases or dusty vases gifted by aging millionaires. However, photography is a burgeoning art form of its own, as many recent donations and gallery updates can … Continue reading

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Lucy Sparrow’s Pop-Up Art Gallery is Calling Attention to Gentrification

Not many pop-up art galleries can boast an inventory of 9,000 objects. And a bodega is not a common inspiration for chic pop art. But that’s the shape that Lucy Sparrow’s “8 ‘Till Late,” takes. The installation takes the form … Continue reading

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Trigger Warning: Upcoming Art Exhibit Explores Gender and Sexuality

The New Museum of New York expects controversy around its upcoming exhibition “Trigger: Gender and a Tool and a Weapon.” That’s part of the point–for the show to set jaws wagging for its run and then some. With more than … Continue reading

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