Highland Park’s First Art Installation Consists of Giant Flowers

Highland Park as shown on a map.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Highland Park (located in Brooklyn near Queens) is a renovated reservoir park on a high hill in the thick of the city with views that include East New York, the Rockaways, and the ocean. It has a playground and a lake, beautiful stairways, and a thriving new forest in the basins on the former Ridgewood reservoir. Its gardens and micro farm are maintained by a local high school, and ice skaters use the lake in the winter.

This year, as NYC Parks celebrates 50 years of Art in the Parks, Highland Park will have its first-ever art exhibition.

“The Giant Flowers” is the installation chosen for Highland Park. It consists of five windsock-style flower sculptures on white painted poles, hand-sewn by local resident artist Daniele Frazier.

“‘The Giant Flowers’ brings eye-catching colors and welcome whimsy to this beloved open space. Art brings people together, and it is our mission to make sure it is accessible to all of New York City’s vibrant communities,” said NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver.

Frazier is a multi-talented artist, working in drawing, sculpture, textiles, with accolades also in musical performance and acting.

Her flowers are simple, and evoke not only spring and summer but also kite-flying, waving flags, parade floats, and balloons. They can’t be seen without smiling, especially on a day when the breeze makes their stems snap out straight, petals blown to their fullest shapes.

The Art in the Parks program will continue to roll-out all through 2017, celebrating its 50 year track record of making New York City into an open-air gallery larger than some countries. To date, Art in the Parks has produced and placed over 2,000 public art installations by over 1,300 artists, both the famed and the unknown, into over 200 of New York City’s 1,700 parks.

“The Giant Flowers” will remain in Highland Park until June 2018.


About Alex Holt

I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.
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