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Lucy Sparrow’s Pop-Up Art Gallery is Calling Attention to Gentrification

Not many pop-up art galleries can boast an inventory of 9,000 objects. And a bodega is not a common inspiration for chic pop art. But that’s the shape that Lucy Sparrow’s “8 ‘Till Late,” takes. The installation takes the form … Continue reading

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The Shed Arts Center Just Received a $75 Million Donation From Michael Bloomberg

The Shed is still an Erector-Set-like structure of bare girders and safety netting, but next year it will be a new arts center and a lynch pin for Hudson Yards as a new cultural region of New York City. It … Continue reading

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‘Human Structures’ by Jonathan Borofsky is on Display at Plaza33

Plaza33, the broad triangle outside Penn Station, has hosted a parade of large installations by notable artists. Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein are notable recents. Now, yet another big, bold, simple sculpture has risen on the low plinth at the … Continue reading

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Prominent Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Has a New Art Project Coming to NY

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” is an idiom that only takes a little bit of thought to understand. The idea is that knowing where to draw a boundary makes it easy to keep relationships friendly. It is also the title … Continue reading

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High Line Plinth Sculpture to Be Announced Soon

For anyone watching, the transformation of the High Line into a series of parks, wild spaces, and art spaces has been a lovely one. One of the final pieces is now on the horizon: the High Line Plinth. London has … Continue reading

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Trump: The Indirect Subject of New York Satire

“The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui” is a play written in 1941 by Bertolt Brecht. It warns about a demagogue coming to power in a democratic state. While Arturo Ui is a satirical story about nationalism in Germany, it bears … Continue reading

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Celebrating 40 Years of the New York Public Art Fund

In 1977, Doris Freedman, Director of New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs, founded the New York Public Art Fund out of the merging of two foundering organizations, CityWalls and the Public Arts Council. Since then, with public and private … Continue reading

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