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What Role Does Art Play in Satire?

Some satirical forms, such as political cartoons, have long been walking the line between satire and art. This begs the question: Does art take itself too seriously? Furthermore, is there any room for silliness in contemporary art? At Comfort Station … Continue reading

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Feeling Uncomfortable? Good.

As odd as it sounds, there are a lot of good reasons to spend some time with art that makes us uncomfortable. Pushing boundaries can change the way we think about the world and each other. Whether it makes us … Continue reading

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Keegan Monaghan: Artist of Intellectual Horrors

Keegan Monaghan is a 29-year-old from Chicago who knows his hometown history. His painting style is strongly borrowed from the Chicago Imagists, those painters from the 1960s who were known for grotesqueries and surrealism (and who inspired the art of … Continue reading

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LowLine: An Underground Park on NYC’s Lower East Side

In July of 2015, a project called Lowline bagged $223,506 of crowdfunding money from more than 2500 donors via Kickstarter. At the time, it was the platform’s most-funded public art project, and it was only a concept. That concept was … Continue reading

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Classroom Treasure: Israel Reyes

Public School 69X Journey Prep is a 93-year-old school building in the Bronx, near Soundview, with a student body of about 600, most of them Hispanic. It suffers from many of the typical problems of urban schools – budgets in … Continue reading

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Science-influenced art, or SciArt, is not a new genre. Artists have always watched science for new inspiration, and found beauty in the raw data. There are people out there wearing tattoos of the first-ever photograph of DNA’s helical structure, and … Continue reading

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Governor’s Island Art Fair

September 5th opens the annual Governor’s Island Art Fair, which exists to highlight works by newly discovered or emerging artists from around the world. It will be open every Saturday and Sunday throughout the month. The fair, which is in … Continue reading

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