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Keegan Monaghan: Artist of Intellectual Horrors

Keegan Monaghan is a 29-year-old from Chicago who knows his hometown history. His painting style is strongly borrowed from the Chicago Imagists, those painters from the 1960s who were known for grotesqueries and surrealism (and who inspired the art of … Continue reading

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Hunt Slonem’s Unique Spaces

Hunt Slonem lives the kind of life you’d expect of an eccentric hermit in a Victorian novel – extravagant collections, more houses than he can keep track of, parrots perching in chandeliers and plants decorating grandiose, colorful spaces, and the … Continue reading

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Tesfaye Tessema at StudioNYCHA: Making a Difference in His Community

Since posting on the Developing Lives program a couple weeks back, I’ve been a regular visitor to the StudioNYCHA site, and just the other day I noticed a new page on a particular artist that I’d like to bring attention … Continue reading

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