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The Most Perfectly Lonely Art Installation

There’s an art installation in Times Square that’s meant to be found by accident. It has no labels anywhere, no explanation, it is merely an experience meant to be stumbled across in the middle of one of the most sensory-heavy, … Continue reading

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SPARC: Bringing Art to the Elderly Around NY

Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide (SPARC), now in its third year, is a collaboration between New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Department for the Aging, and five borough art councils from across the city. It’s one and only goal … Continue reading

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Tupac’s Letter Up for Sale

An emotional letter penned by the late rapper Tupac Shakur is going up for sale by autograph auctioneer Moments in Time. The letter, four pages written by Shakur while incarcerated at New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility in 1995, will be … Continue reading

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Against the Run

New York City may be the “city that never sleeps,” but it is definitely a city that runs on its clocks. Rush hour, closing time, first-second-third shifts: everyone has a schedule, and time is always rushing by. The city is … Continue reading

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No Longer Empty: An NYC Transformation

New York City, a place with a high percentage of abandoned structures, is getting a colorful facelift in some areas. No Longer Empty, a local nonprofit, is turning neglected buildings and storefronts into art installations and exhibits—and what’s more, the … Continue reading

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By The Brooklyn People, For The Brooklyn People (And Everybody Else, of Course!)

We already know that Brooklyn is home to some of the most avant-garde galleries, community-based performances spaces, and creative artist-types that lend its many neighborhoods an independent, spirited air. Whether you’re a proud resident of this colorful borough or just … Continue reading

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ArtBridge NYC Transforms Public Spaces Around the City

Sometimes when you live in a vast urban environment like New York City, discovering art can seem like a daunting task. Of course, in NYC there is art literally everywhere – in museums and private galleries, in the architecture of … Continue reading

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Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market

Artists and Fleas are not mutually exclusive in Williamsburg, one of Brooklyn’s most notoriously hip neighborhoods. The upside of being home to what some consider “the birthplace of American hipsters,” is that Williamsburg actually has some pretty neat things going … Continue reading

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Upcoming Art Events In NYC

As spring winds down and begins transforming into summer, spending time exploring the city and all its art offerings sounds more appealing than ever. The weather is warmer, the art scene is ripe, and the time for adventuring is now. … Continue reading

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NYCHA’s GO Project – bringing artistic communities together

Today’s post is about a cool new project called GO. The GO project hopes to bring together residents from the city’s housing developments and the artists who work in studios and galleries in Brooklyn. Despite the many art programs sponsored … Continue reading

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