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Rei Kawakubo Exhibit at The Met

Rei Kawakubo, originally an artist from Tokyo, grew up in a household that enjoyed Western culture as an aesthetic, on the grounds of Keio University where her father worked. It was a fertile upbringing, blending art styles from around the … Continue reading

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Meet the Young Artists Whose Work is Being Featured at the Met

This is the tenth consecutive year of P.S. Art: Celebrating the Creative Spirit of NYC Kids, a project to feature young artists from schools across New York City on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Over 1,000 artworks were … Continue reading

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Irving Penn Exhibit Coming to the Met

Irving Penn’s bold, deliberate photos helped define the look of Vogue Magazine and, it could be said, of fashion photography itself. “Insufferably elegant” is how it was described by Roberta Smith in the New York Times. He photographed everything, from … Continue reading

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The Met Just Made 375,000 Images Available for Public Use

The collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art are so much more than what is hung on its walls. Literally hundreds of thousands of artworks stock their archives, more than they could ever show, even if they rotated their displays … Continue reading

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Max Beckmann in New York

Max Beckmann, the German expressionist painter who lived all throughout Europe and died on a street corner in New York City, has returned to NYC more than 60 years after his death. In spirit, at any rate. Under the hand … Continue reading

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What Do Biggie and the Met Have in Common?

If you’ve ever found the quiet experience of walking through New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art lackluster, this may interest you: you can now take a virtual tour of the museum with a number of hip-hop artists. A new endeavor … Continue reading

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Pierre Huyghe Takes Over the Met’s Roof Garden

Stone and water are the obvious conjoined themes of Pierre Huyghe’s untitled takeover of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Roof Garden this summer. At first glance, it looks like disarray. Tiles all over the rooftop have been pried up, revealing … Continue reading

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The Met Celebrates 100 Years of Asian Art

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City will open exhibits of Asian art, including lacquer, fabric, and textiles. The exhibit opened in January of this year and will stay open through the spring … Continue reading

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NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Sued

It’s not every day that you hear about a museum being sued, but that’s exactly what’s happening to the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art. Two members of the museum are suing over the Met’s fee policy, claiming that … Continue reading

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