Community Arts NYC reports on art being created at the grassroots level and events that are relevant to ordinary New York residents. We believe that art plays a vital role in our communities by providing beauty, reflecting diversity, and inspiring hope. A variety of mediums attract our attention, from painting to sculpture to quilting. This blog’s primary goal is to promote an awareness of local art that expresses the variety of experiences and cultures found in the five boroughs.

The resident artists of the New York City Housing Authority StudioNYCHA programs initially inspired us. We were floored by the volume and quality of art produced by this community, and struck by the medley of emotions and viewpoints conveyed by the individuals. These StudioNYCHA participants deserve a place to be recognized for their artistic contributions, and a blog seemed like an ideal place to acknowledge them. In the spirit of sharing and collaborating, we expanded the concept of Community Arts NYC to include any extraordinary art produced by New York citizens.

We invite and embrace reciprocal relationships with other writers and organizations supporting artistic efforts by New Yorkers. We believe that art, which invites response and dialogue, ought to be promoted by appendages that do the same. Museums and galleries do their part, and blogs are becoming increasingly prolific contributors to the conversation. By sharing links and ideas with other websites, we keep the talk moving.

If you know of an artist or event you’d like us to cover, please email us at communityartsnyc@gmail.com.

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  1. B33Happy says:

    A very lovely thing you are doing. Have a wonderful day! 🐱

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